Conversational AIs, reimagined

We combine the brands' knowledge and values to project their identity into emotional, conversational Artificial Intelligences. We call them Brand Personas.

Did you know...


of customers are more likely to buy with a personalized experience

3x lifetime value

Customers who have an emotional connection with a brand have a 3x LTV

10 seconds

is how long it takes a person to form an impression of a brand

Our solutions:
Conversational AI Brains

Shaping your company's Brand Persona.

Have you ever wondered how would your organization look if it had a face? We want to create that face for you.

We combine your company’s essence, identity and knowledge into a Conversational AI where everyone can interact with in natural language.

Building your organization's brain.

A collective brain is the sum of an organization's internal knowledge, processes and how tos, plus its people’s capabilities and learnings.

We bring all them together and make them accessible through a modern Knowledge Base and a Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence.

Meet Zeve:
The Companion AI

We've built Zeve as a companion Artificial Intelligence to help reduce stress, loneliness and boredom in difficult times such as the 2020 worldwide situation where millions of people are isolated at home. Zeve was built not only to be a good listener but also to suggest topics and embrace deep conversations in a significant amount of subjects.

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We ♥
Open Source

Cerebro is a Conversational AI Knowledge Base, and is released under an open source (AGPLv3) license. Using Cerebro, entities and individuals around the world can transform existing or new AIs to be able to discuss about hundreds of topics, while contributing to make it better.

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If you'd like to use our software for your company or institution to build a collective brain and fully immersive chatbots, please drop us a line at and we’ll respond in less than 48 hours.